New beginnings portrait by the birth of our wee Mara. 

 So where did it all start?

I grew up within a close knit family with lots of siblings, cats, dogs and numerous other pets and have over the years like most people had the pedigreed cats and dogs as well as the loveable moggies and rescue’s ... we were forever bringing home some poor soul (human and animal) that needed rescued knowing full well it would be welcomed albeit it was another mouth to feed!

On my return to South Africa in 1990 complete with my treasured cat Murdoch we extended our family with two Great Danes and another cat called Gizmo.  Fate stepped in and our beloved cats were stolen and I promised myself I would never get another pedigreed cat again. 

Over the years we had numerous cats and strays that made themselves at home but never a kitten, we only took the older cats looking for a safe home. 

During the years in Mpumalanga we visited the Kruger National Park at least two or three times per year and of course my absolute joy would be to see the Big Cats, what a beautiful sight and wished I had a big cat and the biggest I could find complete with the ‘wild look’ was a Maine Coon !

My son Paul graduated from Chef School here in Cape Town and started to travel overseas and as a result of this I found myself with spare time on my hand and decided to do something for myself and that was specifically to find my dream cat ... a Maine Coon !

Its ironic how things work out in life, I’m a firm believer that some things are supposed to happen and when the time is right.  I contacted a couple of breeders here in Cape Town and off I went with Grannie and Paul in tow as there was no way I was going to go without them! 

It was my lucky day when I met Jean who had believe it or not a kitten available, I fell in love and couldn’t wait to bring Monty home or wait for the new show season where I could go and proudly show this marvellous boy. 

Paul saw how happy I was and wanted to add to our Maine Coon family and suggested he bring home a kitten from the UK in December 2008.  Needless to say it evolved from there and as we had family in Germany the decision was made to visit the family and personally collect the kitten which soon turned into three! What an absolute dream to travel overseas, personally meet the breeder and collect your own kittens, fabulous!

A very special mention to a legend unto her own, Petra Smith of The Legends Cattery who has guided and assisted me on this exciting new phase of my life, and will no doubt carry on for many years to come.  My grateful thanks to you Petra for your friendship and the ultimate gift of this site!

My sincere thanks go to Jean Taylor of Kondicoon's Cattery here in Cape Town and Katharina Mager of JustCoons in Germany for entrusting me with their precious babies!

We hope to do you proud and the Maine Coon breed here in South Africa.

Carol Middleton

Highlanders Maine Coons

Cape Town

South Africa

Other human family Members of Highlanders Maine Coons 

 Tender moment Captured by Elizabeth ............. Granny and Chelsea. 

 My son Paul spending time with "Spirit" on our visit to Riebeeck West in January 2009. One of the Legendary SA studs.

(Spirit...not Paul..LOL!!)

Photo by Carol Middleton.

 Granny Mary & Turkish Van Jessica.....with Chelsea on the right.

Photos by Petra Smith (15th August 2009)

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