7 kittens born: 19th June 2012

 Click here to view some of there Adult pic's.

  Photos by Hanneke Bestbier 2012 

 Highlanders Jasper

Red Silver boy

 Owners: Ricardo & Janine Canovi

 Highlanders Oscar

Red Tabby Boy

Owners: Ricardo & Janine Canovi 

Highlanders Dorle

Smoke Tortie Girl 

Owners: Ursula & Wolfgang Lamb 

 Highlanders Tavio Opal

Red Silver boy

Owners: Samantha Hoffens 

Highlanders Miss Gloriana

Smoke Tortie & White Girl 

Owner: Jilyan Pitman Claxton 

Highlanders Mr Rufus Claxton

Red Tabby & White Boy 

 Owner: Nigel Claxton


Highlanders Moomin

Red Silver boy 

Cronje Fourie Would have been Moomin's owner 

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