Highlanders  Mary Queen of Scots

Black Tortoiseshell with white

Born: 22th February 2012

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Photos By Hanneke Bestbier 2012  

Grand Champion

 Highlanders  MacQueen

Black Tortie & white

Born: 11th April 2013

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  Breeder : Carol Middleton

Sire: SGC Highlanders Justcoon's Well Done (NQ) (RQ) (Imp Germany)

Dam: Highlanders Mary Queen of Scots (Above Her)

 Highlanders Bella Swan

Black Smoke and White

Born: 24th July 2014

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   Breeder : Carol Middleton

Sire: GC Justcoon's NaNu of Highlanders (Imp Germany)

Dam: GC Highlanders MacQueen (Above Her)

Highlanders Cashmere

Silver Torbie & White

Born: 23rd December 2014 

Cashmere's Album

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Shangri-La Norma Jean of Highlanders

aka Jeanie Jean Jean

Brown Classic high white Tabby

Born: 16th January 2015


   Breeder : Vivian Wright

Sire: SC SIR Warlord Mount Steele of Shangri-la (Imp Ger.)

Dam: Shangri-la Etinoha

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