Supreme Grand Champion

The Legends Twilight of Highlanders

Born: 24th September 2009 

Brown Classic Tabby with white

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Highlanders Tuppence Ha' Penny

Silver tortie tabby

Born: 16th December 2011

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 Photos By Hanneke Bestbier 2012  

   Breeder : Carol Middleton

Sire: SGC Highlanders Justcoons Well Done(Imp Germany) 

Dam: SPC Highlanders Justcoons Xio Mara (Imp Germany)  (Close to bottom of the page)

Owner: Kathryn Van Eck

Supreme Grand Champion

 Justcoon's NaNu of Highlanders

(Imp Germany)

Born: 17th February 2012

Silver Classic Tabby

Breeder: Katharina Mager

Sire: Ven's Passion Earl Grey

Dam: EH Niagara Des Shags of Saskatoon



Placing 22nd of all breeds.

Supreme Grand Champion(NQ)


Sharivari Me'Boudika Tuxedo of Highlanders

Born: 16th November 2009.

Black Classic Tabby & white

 Breeder: Susanne Specker-Schiefer

Sire: Kassaro Bushwacker(Elvis)

Dam: Kassaro's Cimaron(Boudika) 


SACC Supreme Premier

 Highlanders Annie Lennox

Red Silver Shaded

Born: 31 August 2010

NaNu, Tux and Annie's Owner:  

Anel Swart of Durbanville Cape Town.


ColorKats Tequila Sheila

Blue Tortie Tabby

Born: 22nd December 2009


 Owner: Georgina of Cape Town

Photos by  Hanneke Bestbier 2010

 Breeder Debbie Le Roux

Sire: Supreme Grand Champion ColorKats Justcoons DeCadent (Imp Germany)

Dam: ColorKats Justcoons La Sevillana (Imp Germany) 

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