7 Kittens Born: 23rd December 2014

Tuppence has Retired

Above: A round Tuppence about to go boom again from all the babies...

Then 7 popped out.

Right: Them buggers where a hungry lot...Hehehe

With that, i give to you, 

The Hunger Games

Highlanders President Snow

Blue Tabby & White boy 

Shrek Junior's Album


Owner Belinda Allan

Highlanders Marvel

Silver Tabby & White boy

Marvel's Album

Owner Tonia Bekker & Family

Highlanders Cashmere

Silver Torbie & White girl

Cashmere's Album

 Owner & Breeder Highlanders Maine Coons

Highlanders Hawthorne

Brown Tabby boy

 Owner Nikki Graham

Highlanders Glimmer of MaineStar

Silver Tabby Girl

Glimmer's Album

 Owner Bronwyn Franklin

Highlanders Katniss Everdeen

Blue Girl

Kat's Album


Owners Nikki & Jorge

Highlanders Primrose Everdeen

Silver Torbie Girl


Owner George Rushby & Guliam 

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